Susan Baldwin and Stephen Aber met in 2014 and began working together soon after when a Raleigh nonprofit asked them to make things better.


What began as a simple website update turned into comprehensive organizational rebranding and some great teamwork.


After that project, Susan and Stephen decided that they could help others: companies, artists, small business, nonprofits, and they would love to help you. Their approach is personalized for each customer, and the end results show and tell who you are in the best ways. Find out more here.

Susan Baldwin
Stephen Aber


Clients have included, but are not limited to:


What can we do for you

There was a time when people hired the firm down the street and shopped at the corner drugstore. These days, your clients have options, and you need to stand out to get their attention. With Customerized, you’ll stand out with a unique digital and communications presence.


can we do it

We're here for you! When you hire Customerized, we work with your schedule to set up an initial consultation, fully assess your needs, develop and plan, and start making improvements. Get started today by sending us an email!

Where can we do it

Susan and Stephen are based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, but they've helped clients across the country. While some client needs may require face-to-face consultations, our firm works with clients in any location while still giving them individual attention and unmatched customerized service.



There are lots of marketing teams out there, and you could use any one. So, why choose Customerized? It's simple; because we're here for you. When you talk with us, we don't outsource your project or send it down the ladder to someone you haven't met. We handle every aspect of your project personally and will not be satisfied until you are!

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