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Susan Baldwin

Susan has a twenty-year history in marketing, PR, content development, and nonprofit and small business management. She manages social media accounts for all of our clients and draws on her extensive knowledge of current trends to ensure the right people hear the right thing about you.

Susan lives in Raleigh with Eric - and Livvie, the brave doggo, with whom she hikes most days. Ask her about the latest book she’s read/show she’s watched/movie she’s seen/album she’s heard!

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Stephen Aber

Stephen wears many hats, and he can't imagine it any other way. With ten years' experience in marketing, management, and web design, he'll make sure the first thing people notice about you is how professional you look.

Stephen lives in Raleigh with Robert - and Jackson, the Boston Terrier. He also works as a musician and REALTOR for funsies.

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What began as a fun side gig for Susan and Stephen has turned into a passion for helping people market their products and businesses successfully.

We would love to discuss your needs and tell you how we can meet them.


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