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Stephen and Susan can build you a website in a few days, with a quick strategy meeting to get a feel for who YOU are and who YOU want to reach. For as low as $3,000, we can give you:

  • Home page - this is the first thing potential customers will see. It sets the tone for the rest of the site.

  • About page - this is where you talk about yourself, your business, your message and values, and how you can serve customers.

  • Service page - this is where you share more details about what you do, how much it will cost, and next steps.

  • Contact page - this will have a simple contact form that sends message directly to your email.

  • Header and Footer - these will have quick access buttons, a logo, and a contact button.

  • Connect domain - we will connect the domain you already own or walk you through purchasing one yourself.

Want an example? Click here


Does this plan look familiar? It's basically our website! See some examples back on the homepage.

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